George Foreman Concept Packaging


The ex–heavyweight champ, current minister and pitchman, is testament to the power of reinvention. And he isn’t done yet. George Foreman's Butcher Shop is readying a new concept that is going to change the meat industry forever: bringing back artisan meats and sides that arrive at your door, ready to cook. George used to get his meat at his local butcher shop, and he loved that experience. So we’re working hard to combine this experience of the old school neighborhood butcher with the hospitality and modern conveniences of ordering at your fingertips. You no longer have to spend time in the car, shopping, and prepping.  Experience the nostalgia, the personalized service and customer satisfaction of days gone by with George Foreman’s Butcher Shop. Our skilled artisan butchers have taken the time to masterfully cut and prepare each and every item, hand- selected with you in mind as if you were standing at the butcher counter yourself.  Our meat is flavorful, tender and juicy and comes wrapped in old school butcher paper, perfectly appointed, straight from George Foreman’s Butcher Shop. 

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