George Foreman Branding


With a project like George Foreman’s Butcher shop, the ultimate goal was definitely to bring back the steak in the 21st century and to own the customer experience from start to finish. Everything was done in-house —the manufacturing, packaging, shipping, call center, customer service, IT development and website. To achieve George’s vision, we needed to make sure that the marketing would reflect the full experience of the old butcher shop with the hospitality and modern convenience of ordering at your fingertips. After days of research, I started the process of creating a vintage but elaborate universe where amazing meat is the concept’s centerpiece. The style is intentionally retro with trendy, bold typography, a touch of authenticity and neighborhood/family values.

George Foreman Branding 1
George Foreman Branding 2
George Foreman Catalog
George Foreman Catalog
George Foreman Sticker
George Foreman Sign
George Foreman Website
George Foreman Enveloppe
George Foreman coupons
George Foreman Cerification Card
George Foreman Gift Card Mockup
George Foreman Chalk Board