Golden West Packaging SABER Wine Bottle


Working for a multi-disciplinary company like Golden West, you need to be versatile and able to jump from project to project, sometimes in no time. In one day I could possibly work on a sell sheet for Jack Daniel’s, create the layout of a booth for a show, and design a wine label for a new client. In my daily routine I treated everything with urgency and brought the same level of quality to each project. I always sought to contribute more and be known as the go-to person, or the get-it-done person. Working with five sales managers, I prioritized each project and made sure that everyone was pleased with my work at the end of the day. I’m proud of the fact that I personally landed five new brands in 2016 to the market, taking care of the full branding of each one.

Golden West Packaging 1849 Wine Bottle
Golden West Wine Bottle 1871 3D
Golden West Packaging 1849 Wine Bottle 2
Golden West Packaging Wine Bottle 1871
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