Jack Daniel's Pulled Pork


Jack Daniel’s is a premium whiskey and a global brand. Its core values are timeless, but like every great brand, there is a constant need to evolve with the consumer and maintain strength and authenticity. In today's competitive market place, it's harder than ever to attract a consumer's attention. The average consumer will spend a few seconds scanning shelves, and in that time, will make a decision on whether or not to purchase any given product. I decided to bring something different to the table for the complete Jack Daniels ready to eat, frozen, and jerky line.  The key part of the design process was to mix sophistication and practicality. To attract the consumer’s eye, I decided to play on a contemporary shape, rounded and bold, with dark elements and emphasis on the textures - mixing matte and shiny, vibrant and dark. The goal was to honor the legendary status of the brand, while reinforcing its meaning worldwide. I also made edits to certain elements in order to create a balanced design that better communicates the whiskey’s premium quality and its independent spirit. As a result, the packaging communicates quality and relevance, and is unmistakably Jack Daniel’s. The refined identity solidifies the brand’s position as a cultural icon.

Jack Daniel's PAcks
Jack Daniel's Old No 7 Line
Jack Daniel's Honey Tennessee Line
Jack Daniel's Pulled Chicken