1849 Wine Collection


Having a background in the graffiti and being a true fan of the subculture, I had the chance to work on the branding of a new wine brand, 1849 wine co. It was not my first rodeo but that project was definitely the largest I’ve been part of. The promising concept was to marry wines that personify quality and the street art/graffiti powerful message. I got really excited when I was told I would work with graffiti legend Saber, member of the world-known MSK (Mad Society Kings). We clicked right away and we talked a lot about our visions and after months of hard work, we’re proud to present you the 1849 wine co., a combination of Saber’s amazing artwork, my creative direction and wines of the highest quality & expression. We recently got our ads in Wine Enthusiast and the United Airlines magazines. Savor responsibly.

1849 Wine Triumph
1849 Wine Anonymous
1849 Wine Declaration
1849 Wine au jus
1849 Wine Iris
1849 Wine Awards
1849 Wine Enthusiast
1849 Wine
1849 Wine Logo
1849 Wine Bottle Tee
1849 Wine Tattoo
1849 Wine Card
1849 Wine Saber at work
1849 Wine Street ad
1849 Wine Business Cards
1849 Wine Website Mobile
1849 Wine Sell Sheets