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A friend’s project: Jordan and I used to work together in Huntington Beach for the Airspeed brand. Even after we both left the company, we really enjoyed working together so it was not a surprise when Jordan called me to work on a fun new project called Three Jerks Jerky. No matter what it was, I was already thrilled by the headline. I quickly met the 2 other ‘jerks’, Jordan’s friends, (occasional jerks and passionate foodies.) The objective was simple: craft the finest meat snack ever created — my kinda challenge. While they were spending countless hours experimenting with various cuts of meat and different flavors in pursuit of this holy grail of a snack., I focused on my part of the deal. Every designer has his or her own process, and it is rarely linear, but in general this is how my branding process is completed: Design brief - Research – Reference - Sketching and Conceptualizing – Reflection - Feedback - Presentation. Trust and hard work paid off pretty quickly, and with help from Kickstarter we were on the beef jerky map. The result is an aristocrat amongst plebeians—filet mignon, dazzling flavors, and only real ingredients, (no nitrates, no gluten, no preservatives) come together to create incomparable beef jerky. To insist it is delectable would be putting it modestly. The rest is history.

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