I entered the design world when I discovered graffiti at age 12. It became a passion instantly. I started to work on my letters, my 3D and my colors. Although I never really felt the connection with wall graffiti - mainly because I didn’t like to be rushed, was meticulous and never satisfied - my passion never left. Instead, I practiced my style on shoes, canvas, bags (anything I could use bombs and poscas on) in the train, at school - I was obsessed. I did this for 12 years and was then introduced to Illustrator, and trained myself to re-create my artwork with vectors.  That’s how I learned all the tools, the depths of field and the texture and became obsessed with this software.

Hustle Big
Hustle Closeup
Hustle Closeup 2
Dope Closeup
Dope Closeup 2
eOne Closeup
eOne Closeup 2
Dalai Lama
Thank You